Saturday, August 16, 2014


The Oscar-winning actor, Robin Williams died in his California home by hanging .

On last Monday morning his personal Assistant found it odd that Mr. William’s bed room was not opened even after 11  in the morning. He knocked the door at 11.45 and got concerned when no response came. The assistant went inside the room and found Mr. Robins hanging on a belt near the door frame in a sitting position. The Assistant called the 911 number and emergency workers came and they found Mr. Williams dead.

There was a wound on the left wrist of Mr. Williams and a pocket knife was also found from his shirt pocket with blood on it. It seems that at first he tried to end life by cutting the wrist and chose hanging later.

He was fighting against alcohol-Cocaine addiction, in addition to depression. The depression itself is enough for suicidal tendencies and, in his case, the addiction and early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease settled the decision.

Mr. Robin Williams was actually depressed inside while he was making fun out of mimicry and laughing heartily with the audience.  The depression is a real sickness and to carry on, a profession like comedy along with such disease is a big challenge for any person and despite his repeated attempts on and off  stage to make fun of his own addiction and depression, the sickness won at last in the fight and Robins had to bow out from the stage.

 May his soul rest in peace.